Word Power

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

Tony Robbins has said, “Where focus goes, energy flows…that’s why you need to focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.”

There are basically two types of people, those who are optimistic and those who are pessimistic. One chooses to act and enjoying life, while the other is fearful and doesn’t. Both self-talk themselves.

What we read, hear, and speak settles in our brain. It doesn’t decipher what is reality or fiction, our brain thinks it is true. The optimist speaks positively, while the other negatively. The optimist almost always has a better life.

This is why people speak affirmations, pray, write down goals, and state vows of commitment. Words are powerful and they determine direction.

This is certainly true with real estate ownership. When people feel confident about their future, they act with enthusiasm, and when they are fearful, they put things on hold. Fear can protect us but too much hinders opportunity.

An in-depth view of the market indicates normalcy. Real estate has always been cyclical, and it’s true today in the Sioux Empire. Some brackets are doing well, while others not so much. The primary determining factors today are cost of living and household income. Next year it’ll look different.

It’s easy to be optimistic when things are going well, but it takes discipline in tougher times to protect our confidence and believe in the fundamentals. We do that by trusting in history and being careful of what we say. It’s interesting to watch how we manifest an outcome with the right attitude and using positive words. Believing good things will happen changes outcomes.

If you are thinking about whether to make a move, answer this question: are you willing to put your life on hold waiting for better news? If you are not, then proceed with caution and know everything will work out in the long run. Real estate continues to be a good investment.

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Tony Ratchford, licensed Broker, Author, Coach, Manager, and Sales Consultant