Where Are You Headed?

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Uncategorized

When someone begins to look for a different home, they often start by going to open houses or searching online, hoping to find what they think they want. In reality, they are looking because they don’t like what they have.

We subconsciously dislike our existing home but don’t often acknowledge it. The bathroom is too small, the kitchen too confining, the neighbors too close, the house is too big, or we aren’t using all the rooms. One day we see a for sale sign and the dream of a new house begins.

In life, we are always moving away from something or toward something. We do this with everything we do. The key to greater success is to approach all action with a proven process and plan.

Prudent people feel first, think about it, and then act. When out of order, the outcome isn’t as successful as it could be.

You may know of someone who purchased a home without selling their existing home first and got into financial trouble, or sold first and couldn’t find a new home and made two moves, temporarily renting. In most cases, people are highly inconvenienced, or it costs them money. Understanding who you are, what you want, and how to get it always delivers the best outcome.

The Ratchford Group recognizes this phenomenon and uses a trademarked process to help you achieve a more enjoyable path. The Dream Home Vision Process™ takes five steps and delivers greater peace of mind, saves valuable time, and maximizes the dollars. It’s been tried and proven for over 20 years.

It begins with Discovery – what don’t you like with what you have, how would you change it, and why is it important to do so. The process continues until you have a clearly defined path that fits you perfectly, delivering the best outcome.

There is no obligation to explore. We invite you to call or text anytime 605.359.4100.

Tony Ratchford, licensed Broker, Author, Coach, Manager, and Sales Consultant