What’s Important To You?

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The goal for most people when buying and selling a home is to maximize their dollars, save valuable time, minimize inconveniences, and have peace of mind knowing they are doing the right thing at the right time.

We have been using a process since 2004, it begins by asking “what’s important to you about moving?” This question discovers the reason why you want to move and the payoff for doing so. Every house offers a lifestyle and is driven by our value system. Whether it’s family, comfort, privacy, money, enjoyment, or whatever. It is about how we live. The more clarity we have around the things we do, why we do them, the better we understand what features are required to deliver the greatest outcome.

When looking for the new house, think about how you live today, and what your future lifestyle will be. What change would you make in the existing home to support the way you want to live? Do you need more room for the family, more serenity, less maintenance, more convenience? Whatever value you cherish dictates what features you need and obtained to achieve the greatest happiness.

When family is valued, features such as large living areas or extra rooms for everyone to have their own space is most important. Empty nesters who are looking for more time to play may want a homeowner’s association that frees up their time by providing services for snow removal and lawn care.

The average adult owns five homes in their lifetime and is driven by cycles of life. The starter home can be about building equity rather than paying rent. The second home is driven by desire for more space. The third by opportunity of choice…nicer, newer, bigger. Later in life, we downsize, find low-maintenance, or invest less money. There is always a reason for what we do and how we live.

Getting the best outcome requires a clear understanding of your values and how those values relate to features or amenities of a home. When our lifestyle changes, the house should change too.

The Dream Home Process™ mastered by The Ratchford Group creates a path for you to follow and delivers the best outcome. It’s a proven and trusted process.

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Tony Ratchford, licensed Broker, Author, Coach, Manager, and Sales Consultant