The American Dream

by | Oct 3, 2022 | Uncategorized

Real Estate ownership is one of this country’s founding principles. Centuries before the founding of America, only the powerful owned land.

During the formative years of the USA, the Founding Fathers attempted to find balance between Tyranny, a ruler’s law, and Anarchy, no laws. People were weary from the heavy hand of monarchy rule, and their answer was to build a system of self-governance through representative democracy.

Liberty was the theme. Rule of Law was simple and unforgiving, which started in the family and moved outward to neighborhoods, communities, states, regions, and the nation.

Early drafts of a constitution were rooted in principles of Anglo-Saxton and Ancient Israel with the rights of the individual as inalienable. John Locke believed preservation of individual’s property was fundamental for a society.

The first attempt, The Articles of Confederation, failed. A decade later, 55 delegates gathered for four months and recreated The Constitution of the United States. A few years later, the Bill of Rights was ratified. These documents establish the three branches of government, protects each State’s independence, sets out a process for change, and ensures our individual freedom.

As it should be in a free society, it’s an ongoing give-and-take between the people, the States, and the US Government as to who has the authority and power.

Debates will continue with how much centralized government we can tolerate. History has a solid reference as to what happens when one group of people controls too much, ignoring morality and the rule of law. The outcome has never been good.

Thankfully, preservation of real estate ownership has prevailed throughout these years. Seldom do we see the government take property from an individual. Even though restrictions and taxation are plentiful, we continue with our freedom mostly intact.

Homeownership allows us to live where we want and do with it as we please, providing we live with consideration and respect for those in our community. It is a right and a privilege we have in the USA.

We believe our home is our castle. It’s where we celebrate daily life and create memories. It’s an investment and a statement of independence. It continues to be an American Dream.

Tony Ratchford