Top 10 Seller Pitfalls to Avoid

It’s no secret that every seller wants to have their home sell for the highest price possible.

Oftentimes, the problems standing in the way of getting the most value from your sale are easily avoidable. We’ve compiled a list of the most common pitfalls sellers encounter in the process so you can be prepared going forward and sell your home with confidence:

1. Assuming buyers can see through needed repairs or clutter.
2. Not understanding the importance of having your home staged by a professional.
3. Not having a pre-inspection completed prior to starting the selling process.
4. Pricing your home based on what your neighbors think.
5. Pricing your home without sufficient research and opinion by a professional(s).
6. Assuming all Realtors are created equal and just having access to MLS
will sell your home.
7. Not understanding the importance of positioning and targeted promotional
methods to maximize exposure to qualified buyers.
8. Assuming since you have a great house, it will sell right away.
9. Underestimating the process and all the details required to finalize a
successful conclusion.
10. Not having a comprehensive, organized plan to take you from where you
are living now to where you want to go next.

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