Questions to Consider that Make a House Sell Faster

  • Does any part of the house need painting?
  • Does the carpet need cleaning or replacing?
  • Do any cabinets need to be touched up or refinished?
  • Should I remove an ornate item that a buyer may want as part of the house?
  • What is the buyer’s first impression as they step inside the house?
  • Is there any furniture or items I could store or dispose of to make rooms appear larger?
  • Since the buyer will be looking in the closets, should I take some of the clothes out of them to make them look roomier?
  • Are all light bulbs in working condition? Should I increase wattage?
  • Can I take items from the kitchen cabinets to make them look more spacious?
  • Are the garage and storage areas as clean and neat as they should be?
  • What is the buyer’s first impression of the exterior of our house?
  • Shall I reseed the lawn and get my landscaping in top shape?
  • What about the door mats? Should I replace them with new ones that are neutral and omit our family’s name?
  • What about the windows? Do they work well or need attention? Do they need to be cleaned?
  • What about screens? Any holes?
  • Shall I remove them to let in more light?
  • Are pets under control at all times?
  • Are appliances in good working order?
  • Does the house have a clean, pleasant smell?
  • Are there broken items that need repairs or replacement?
  • What else can I do to make the house sell faster?

The answers to these questions could help you get more cash for  your home, in a shorter period of time, and with greater ease.

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