It’s The Culture

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

Sioux Falls has grown between 2% and 3% every year for several decades. You may wonder how this happened, and will it continue? We know it wasn’t by accident, it is the result of an allegiance to a culture passed to us from homesteaders of the 1800’s.

These people brought with them founding beliefs of God, Family, Freedom, and Capitalism. They raised their children the same way.

They traveled a dangerous journey to claim 160 acres of unsettled farmland with the hope of obtaining permanent ownership. They worked hard and endured with pure grit. They knew great effort would deliver greater rewards. They were responsible for their own destiny. Those with fortitude thrived, while those who failed to commit didn’t survive.

They were respectful of others and had an unyielding code of right and wrong. They expected everyone to live by this creed as well.

The Sioux Empire is entrenched with these principles, as ancestors of these pioneers moved into the city. It is this culture that claims new citizens and shelters current residents. To continue, it’s incumbent upon us to preserve these values.

Culture is always paramount for strength. It dictates our way of life. It is vital for any society, and for any institution. Those who protect their culture are the ones who succeed to the highest level.

We have a bright future in Sioux Falls with continued growth. It’s driven by low taxes, few regulations, minimal government interference, and favorable income opportunities. All of this is guided by free enterprise. Protecting this belief is essential.

The American Dream lives in the Empire. Owning a home allows us to enhance our life of freedom, delivers a long-term financial path, and is a tribute to those who fought to build this country.

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Tony Ratchford, licensed Broker, Author, Coach, Manager, and Sales Consultant