In Life, We Are Always Changing.

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We are moving away from, or moving to, something at all times.

In real estate, many people start their new home buying program with going to open houses or searching online, thinking they ought to find the new homes first.

In truth, we subconsciously start to dislike what we have; the bathroom is too small, the kitchen too confining, the neighbors too close, or the house is too big or too small. One day, we see an ad or for sale sign and it gets our attention. The dream begins.

We do this in every facet of our lives, and with everything we do.

Recognizing how we think and act is vital in celebrating success. Prudent people feel first, think about it, and then act. Too many people get the steps out of place. They feel first, act secondly, and think about it later.

The result of the ‘later’ behavior was evident in 2001 after the attack on New York City when home prices fell, and buyers/sellers got caught in a financial quandary from making decisions without a great plan. That’s when we started creating a method to keep our clients out of trouble and deliver better results. With the help of many people, we eventually developed The Dream Home Vision Process™. It’s five steps to decision making, and it works perfectly in buying and selling a home, or anything else.

It begins with Discovery, what don’t you like with what you have, what change would you make, and ultimately, why is it important to you?

The second step is making a factual assessment of your present situation and establishing what a replacement will look like. Is it financially affordable, is the reward going to be big enough to justify the effort and cost?

The third step, and most important, is to analyze what you have learned and create a step-by-step action plan. This should take thought and time as it is the key to getting what you truly want with the best outcome.

The fourth step is simply putting the plan in motion and trusting it will work out correctly. If it doesn’t, you simply return to step one and revisit Discovery, make a new assessment, and create a new plan to follow.

When using it in real estate, it is assured to produce a new home that fits your lifestyle perfectly, delivering great peace of mind and joy. Regardless of economic conditions, it has been tried thousands of times, and proven.

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Tony Ratchford, The Ratchford Group, Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls, SD