Fundamentals Set the Stage

by | May 7, 2024 | Uncategorized

Migration to America began hundreds of years ago, and it continues. There are many reasons for it; freedom, financial, religion, famine, and real estate ownership were, and are, some of the motivating factors. A chance to create a better life is the dream.

The New World settlers had a common belief of God, Family, and Capitalism (as defined by Adam Smith). We see it throughout the writings in The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and other manuscripts of American history.

Their belief in a higher power gave them direction. The family unit was essential for survival. Capitalism offered a belief that hard work determined their success. They embraced respect for individual rights. Law and order were absolute. They created the wealthiest and the most free country in the world.

These fundamentals have waned over the past century, and I submit, to our detriment. We are generous, and our quest to help others has led us down a path of dependency while bankrupting the country. It has done nothing to strengthen us. It’s admirable yet short-sighted, as we know Socialism has never succeeded.
The basis for Capitalism is incentive. People respond best to reward, regardless of what that is. Take away the reward, and the desire to continue putting forth earnest effort disappears. Think of yourself and what you do and why you do it.

Homeownership continues to be the American Dream, the big Reward.

Unfortunately, people wanting to buy a home today face an uphill battle with higher mortgage rates and everyday needs such as transportation, food, daycare, healthcare, taxes, and whatever is costing more, up 25% from 3 years ago. Wages haven’t kept up. Fundamentals are upside down. There must be a better way.
Perhaps, it’s time to shore up our principles from the founding days. To be self-sufficient, live on less than we earn, stay out of debt, focus on education, embrace spirituality, practice civility, obey the law, be respectful, and expect others to do the same.

Sorry, I digressed. The focus is on homeownership, and it remains a great benefit of living in America. A place to call home, raise a family, entertain friends, grow a garden, sit in solitude, and build savings for the future. It is a gift we take for granted, yet it is the envy of the world.

Owning the right home is obtainable. It takes a great plan to deliver the best outcome. We have a tried and proven process to help you navigate your dream.

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Tony Ratchford, licensed Broker, Author, Coach, Manager, and Sales Consultant