The Dream Home Process

The Dream Home Process is our proven method for matching your home to your lifestyle. The Ratchford Group has helped thousands of buyers and sellers make their vision of home buying and selling a happy reality.

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The Dream Home Discovery Session

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The Market & Opportunities Assessment

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The Dream Sale Planner

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The Dream Sale System

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The Satisfaction Assurance Review

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Dream Home Process

A proven process for achieving and surpassing your goals

Learn how to save time, minimize inconvenience, maximize your dollars and enjoy peace of mind  while selling your home!

Explore “What’s important to you about moving?”

Understand your Three Selling Choices

Learn about The Four Successful Factors and how they apply to your home

Experience the value of Leadership, Coaching and Expert Management

Know the steps to take for making a great start

Confidently decide which actions to take next

“Every home where love abides and friendship is a guest, is surely home and home sweet home for there the heart can rest.”


Learn more about the Dream Home Process

Enjoy a complimentary copy of Broker Tony Ratchford’s, The Dream Home Buying & Selling Handbook™.

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