Inventories remained steady.

More listings came on the market but were absorbed with an equal number of sales. Prices are up. Mortgage rates are up slightly. Days on the market steady. All in all, a very solid market.

Inventories were mostly unchanged.

A larger number of new listings came on the market, coupled with an increase of off-market listings, offset each other. Sale pendings remained steady. Closed sales down slightly. Pricing, days on market, and mortgage rates all stayed close to the same as last report.

Seasonal slowdown is at hand.

Fewer homes came on the market. Fewer sales. More homes taken off the market. Therefore, inventories are down. Mortgage rates are down in the 6+% range. Prices appear to be losing some ground.

Inventory levels are flat.

There were fewer new listings put on the market the past two weeks, and there were fewer sales to match. Price changes are higher than earlier this year but similar to the past few months indicating there is little room for premium pricing. More homes came off the...

Inventories are growing.

All categories of type and price range have more houses today than a month ago. Price changes are increasing and beginning to soften a little in some brackets. There have been fewer sales this past month, and it’s taken a few days longer to sell. Mortgage rates are...

Inventories remain fairly steady.

Fewer new listings coming on the market offset with fewer sales. Days on the market to obtain a completed purchase agreement is still less than 30 days. Mortgage rates are a solid 7% for a 30 year loan with upward pressure.

Inventories are the highest they have been all year.

Slightly fewer new listings came on the market and a few less sales. The market is steady with little surprises. Mortgage rates are near 6.5% for a 30 year loan, and 6% for 15 years. This may be a contributing factor to sales, although it’s more likely to be a summer...

Inventories are up.

The number of new listings coming on the market is up slightly. Sales are flat. Price changes are the same, but the last month has had an increase. This along with days on the market indicates a steady market for pricing. Mortgage rates were up slightly.

Inventories are steady…

The number of new listings coming on the market are comparable to the past few reports. Sold/closed properties and pending sales remain consistent. Mortgage rates are in the 6% range for a 30 year loan.

The year ended without a bang.

Inventories were down, new listings coming on the market were down, pending and contingent sales were down, off the market properties were up, and days on the market were up. All of this indicates a boring market…it’s what happens during the holidays. All in all, the...

Inventories are increasing…

Fewer homes coming on the market, fewer sales, and more price adjustments reflects the past two weeks. It appears we are experiencing a seasonal/holiday affect as well as a slow-down in activity due to higher mortgage rates and consumer confidence.

Inventories Are Up

More new listings hitting the market. Sale pendings are up slightly. Mortgage rates took a fairly steep rise, 5.25% to 5.75% range. There are many different programs for financing available and easy to fit your timeframe and plans.